A Procedurally-Generated Adventure

MoonQuest is a procedurally-generated adventure game for PC. Each game presents a new world to explore in your quest to illuminate the endless night. Seek out the lost forest, delve into the spider caves, storm the castle of the Silver King, discover vast seams of gold ores, and craft a hat of such splendour that the cosmos will be jealous.

MoonQuest combines roguelike and minecraftian gameplay and is suitable for all inhabitants of this universe. Get it now!

Strange things

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Game Features

Find treasure

Key Features:

  • A procedurally-generated adventure where every new game features a unique world to explore
  • Exotic creatures, strange NPCs, and relentless enemies to encounter
  • Abundant areas to explore including forests, mountains, hives, and towns
  • A rich environment with weather effects and destructible tiles
  • Lunar effects, such as the Giant Moon which spawns giant enemies, and
  • Hundreds of items to find and craft

Choose between several playable characters, including:

  • Moonman, who illuminates with a moonly glow
  • Amphibian, who breathes underwater
  • Elemental, who detects ore with his antennae
  • Crusader of the Lost Moon, who has full armour

Find treasure
Gear up

On your journey you may:

  • Plunder an ancient tomb for Regalia
  • Net some snails and make Snail Pie
  • Build a temporary hut from Wooden Planks
  • Smelt gold into a Plumed Gold Helmet
  • Find the Knight Doll and unlock the Crusader

About Us

MoonQuest was created by Ben, with Alex, Sam, G.P., Aliceffekt, Gio, and Andrew. This game wouldn't have been possible without the support of our amazing friends, families, crowdfunders, and Film Victoria.